Coming Soon

Upcoming mixed reality experience

This project has not be released. It is a mixed reality experience. Players share a VR experience in a room with real world props. I was a developer and a character animator.

I developed a guide system that creates a path for players to get back into the play area when they walk out of bounds. I used linear algebra to find the nearest edge of polygons, then used Unity's Nav Mesh to find a path. The path was then fine tuned again using the Nav Mesh to find the most direct path.

I also gave the main character and guide personalty by taking animations and masking and blending them on Unity's timeline. I created new animations via masking and blending and synced the lips to the voice over. I contributed to the character VO lines, gags, and overall personality. Then I created a reaction system enabling the guide to have different reactions based on the actions of the players. The system is easy to extend and for other artist to create more reactions.

Videos and images comming soon...